pencil cases


Hi guys! . Today I show you what I have made with recycled wood of iroko. They are two plumier or boxes for pencils to go to school, but more for adults since they do not fit many pencils. Are about 22 cm long by 6 cm wide by about 4 or 4 thick. In the lid I have put a bone in the form of rays of sun and fog in the case of the moon. They are made entirely by hand and finished in cabinetmaker wax.

 I hope you like it. Greetings.

 Here you can view almost all the making process.

 Here making the curves

 How do you say this tool in English?
 more clamps...
 Rounding and smoothing with sand paper
 Making the surface flat
 And here I started to record the drawings with gouges

 appliying wax